List of Initital Sources

In order to find some initial sources, I simply googled ‘The Causes of Transsexualism’, ‘Gender Identity’, ‘Transsexualism’ etc. and filtered for relevant material.

One source that I think will be useful is the NHS website:

Additionally, I have found some online articles that may provide a starting point for some of the theories I could discuss:

From my google search, I found the wikipedia entry:

This suggested some potential theories I may want to look at such as Blanchards Theory of Autogynephelia which is discussed in the third bulletpoint link above. I also read briefly about a case called The John/Joan study which I would like to read more about.

My initial source, however, will be ‘The Transsexual Scientist’ by Dana Bevan which offers information about the causes of Transsexualism from a scientific and personal point of view. I discovered this source by similiar search methods mentioned above, on amazon books.


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